Vancouver’s Next Top Agent

Do you have what it takes?

Mark Wiens in a suit and pointing at you.

Yes, Mark Wiens is creating a reality TV show.

If you are a REALTOR® looking to join a dynamic real estate team, and to show the world your skills, you should apply! It all comes down to if you have what it takes to become Vancouver’s Next Top Agent!

Show format

Eight Realtors will be selected to compete in a reality based TV show. Filming will take place at a brand new house in Burnaby, and other locations. Over the course of filming, contestants will participate in challenges which are designed to test their skills, as well as to add comedic effect. As the show goes on, contestants will be eliminated until there are only three Realtors left at the finale where one winner will be chosen. The finale will be two parts, with the final selection taking place in an interview format on stage in front of a live studio audience of approximately 500 people at a venue in Vancouver and also live-streamed over the internet. All catering during the show will be provided to you free of charge.

What’s in it for you?

This show will give you an incredible platform to showcase your skills. With high end production quality, and a high promotional budget, there will be hundreds of thousands of views. As a star of the show, this is your opportunity to show the public what makes you stand apart. The show’s success depends on you, so we will be heavily promoting you. Regardless of the outcome, you will gain huge exposure. It will be a positive experience. Where other reality shows are based on creating drama, we will be engaging viewers with humour and showcasing our skills. It is important to Mark that every Realtor who participates comes away with something that promotes their business regardless of what happens on the show. Even better, you will also have the ability to win prizes. For a taste of the level of production quality, check out Mark’s other videos on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Even then, the production quality for this show will far exceed that of past productions.


Date Events
January 26, 2019 Application deadline
Flexible One half-day of filming
February 4–8, 2019 Filming from early morning until late night
Mid-late March, date TBA Finale event in front of a live studio audience

There will be 5 consecutive days of filming from early morning until late night from February 4–8, with one evening in mid to late March for the finale which will be performed in front of a live studio audience. There will also be one half day of filming in the days leading up to February 4 though those filming slots will be flexible. All cast members must commit to being present for the entire duration of filming as well as for the finale event in mid to late March, exact date to be announced. There are no exceptions. The deadline to apply is January 26, 2019 so do not delay!

Should you apply?

If you are serious about furthering your career and believe that you have what it takes to be successful, and are willing to do your best on camera, you should apply! You do not need to be a professional actor or an experienced real estate agent, but you do need to be serious about learning and committed to give your very best every day of filming. It will be tiring, and it will be challenging, but you will greatly benefit! The deadline to apply is January 26, 2019!

How to apply

Just fill in the form below!

  1. Film a 60 second video on your cell phone saying why you should be selected, and upload here
  2. Upload a current headshot
  3. Fill in the rest of the fields and agree to the terms and conditions

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